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Our 2021 Outlook on Midwest Golf Course Maintenance

2020 was a year that most of us won’t forget any time soon. The COVID-19 pandemic, damaging storms, Presidential election, Black Lives Matter movement, stock market crash, and so much more.


But we made it through and that is the past. As they say in golf, there is nothing to be gained by concentrating on the bad score on the hole behind you. It is time to move on, use our talents and get our businesses and economy moving again.


As for golf course maintenance, we’re taking a look at how we think 2021 will play out compared to pre-COVID years.


  • More efficient maintenance: With COVID not completely in the rearview mirror, courses will look to continue the 2020 trend of efficient maintenance. For example: fewer mowing days, removing irrelevant bunkers, more efficient mowing patterns, better golf cart guidance for quicker turf recovery, and more.

  • Hold off on expensive equipment investments: Is it the newest model? Maybe not. Does it work? Absolutely. With fluctuating financial projections, many courses will hold off on purchasing new, high dollar equipment. 

  • Monitoring maintenance labor costs: With labor being the #1 maintenance expense for most courses, it’s going to be more important in 2021 to keep an eye on those numbers and making those needed adjustments with unforeseen revenue fluctuations.


What else will your golf course be doing differently in 2021?

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